Damus’ fills the demand for nostr in the iOS market.

It is available on iOS, iPad and MacOS (M1/M2).

It was founded by William Casarin (GitHub).

App Description

You are in control. Built on open internet protocols, there is no platform that can ban or censor you. You are in control of your data & speech.

Encrypted. End-to-End encrypted private messaging. Keep big tech out of your DMs.

No registration required. Creating an account doesn’t require a phone number, email or name. Get started right away with zero friction.

No servers required. Messages are distributed via decentralized relays. No need to run any infrastructure and there are no single points of failure. Simple!

Programmable. Easily integrate bots that automate your life or business. Get notified when your servers go down, repost to your team and collaborate in realtime.

Earn money. Tip your friend’s posts and stack sats with Bitcoin & ⚡️, the native currency of the internet.

Interview with the Founder


Damus was last updated on March 6, 2023.