What is nostr?

“nostr” stands for “Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays” and is an open protocol for censorship-resistant global networks created by @fiatjaf.

You can find a very decent overview of tools and projects at aljazceru/awesome-nostr!

What is nostr.info?

Nostr.info aims to be the “blockchain.info” of nostr - not necessarily the blockchain.com it turned into.

Blockchain.info started out as a collection of interesting charts and interactive tools to explore the Bitcoin blockchain and core performance parameters and nostr.info was registered to provide something similar for the nostr ecosystem.

The current state might be more a playground but features to come are:

  • Show all events and help the user interpret them. Check out Relays. It already gives some idea of recent events. If you want to dig into one specific event, try out nostr.com
  • Show all relays and their features and performance - a bit like nostr-registry. Relays already does this a bit but expect a lot more to come!
  • Provide a nostr client under this domain
  • Charts
    • Events per hour/day/week
    • Split by kind/size
    • Active pubkeys per hour/day/week
    • Follows graphs - and how they change over time


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