Nostur is a full-featured social media client for the nostr network.

It is available on iOS, iPad and MacOS.

App Description


  • Multiple Account Posting: Effortlessly post content from multiple accounts.
  • Guest Account: Experience the app without the need to create an account.
  • Media Upload: Easily upload various types of media.
  • Post Preview: Review your post before publishing it.
  • Animated GIFs Picker: Discover and share animated GIFs with a convenient picker.
  • Enhanced Display for iPad/macOS: Enjoy a larger, detailed pane optimized for iPad and macOS users.
  • Custom Lists: Organize the people you follow with custom lists.
  • Device-Based Post Storage and Export: Keep your posts stored on your device and export them as needed.
  • Bookmarks and Personal Notes: Bookmark and add personal notes to your favorite content.
  • Follow and Explore Timeline: Engage with a timeline featuring posts from people you follow and discover new content.
  • Like Undo: Easily undo accidental taps on the Like button.
  • Name Autocomplete: Conveniently autocomplete names when typing.
  • Lightning zaps
  • Lightning wallet selection
  • Direct Messages
  • Domain Verification: Link account to your domain for enhanced account authenticity.
  • Badges: Showcase badges to highlight achievements or affiliations.
  • Block List: Manage a list of blocked users for personalized content control.
  • Silent/Private Follows: Follow others without anyone knowing.
  • Mute Conversations: Mute conversations to manage your notifications.
  • Badge Notifications: Receive notifications for direct messages, mentions, reactions, and zaps.
  • Image Previews: Enjoy image previews with zoom, pan, save, and share options.
  • GIF/Video Playback: Seamlessly play and watch GIFs and videos.
  • Fast local database, works off-line
  • Read-Only Mode: Access the app in read-only mode as another user.
  • Relay Configuration: Choose specific relays for sending and receiving content.
  • Restore deleted contacts
  • Deletion Requests: Request deletion of your posts.
  • User/Post Reporting: Report inappropriate users or posts for enhanced community safety.
  • Follow hashtags: Don’t miss interesting topics
  • Undo send after posting: Catch that mistake before it’s too late
  • Offline posting: Send as soon as there is a connection.
  • Relay Feeds: Get a full view of relay content.
  • Music streams (m3u8): Listen to music right in the app.
  • Login with nsecBunker: Keep your nostr keys where you want them.
  • Imposter detection: Don’t get fooled by frauds.


Nostur was last updated on February 10, 2024.